Mauser sniper rifle

The most common Sniper rifle in KNIVES OUT. 

Mauser Sniper Rifle

Mauser Sniper Rifle is a classic sniper rifle that using a SNIPER AMMO with 72 of damage per shot. This sniper require a headshot in other to kill people with 1 shot, The one shot kill only effective on Helmet level 1 and Helmet level 2, Helmet level 3 will require you to hit the headshot twice. 
You can find this Sniper Rifle in city or house around your loot spawn. 

Best Loadout for Masuer Sniper Rifle

Mauser Sniper Rifle Full loadout

Long range scope: a 4x scope or an 8x scope will fit perfectly with this sniper rifle, because when you use an accurate gun, it will require a long range scope to spot far enemy and take them down.
Sniper Suppressor
Nobody in the game want enemies to hear or spot where you shooting from, so using a sniper suppressor will gurrantee you a good stealth kill and feel very safe when firing your shot.

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