Old day powerful shotgun.


M860 is the most powerful damage shotgun is this game that use (12 Gauge) bullet type which the damage are up to (225) that has a potential of 1 shot 1 kill in close range combat. This gun is very very good for early landing kills, You drop down you find this shotgun and straight up rushing everyone that landed late. 
The recoild is pretty kick up, but with a gun of 1 shot 1 kill you don't need to bother with the recoil, make sure you hit your shot and enemies will disappear. 

Bullet Spread:

M860 bullet spread

In the picture I shot 1 bullet of M860, the recoil kick to upper hit (Head position) and didn't spread that much, so if you can aim this shotgun correctly you will have a chance to do a 1headshot kill close range. 

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