The most common assault rifle in the game !!!


M4A1 is an assault rifle that using (5.56mm) bullet type, the assualt rifle itself is good at close and mid range fight but decent on long distance fight.
M4A1 content 2 firing mode : 
- Single fire mode: This mode mean that it's good for tapping fire(1 bullet per time) mid or long distance, because you can't spray enemy at long distance the bullet will not connect, Using single fire mode on M4A1 when you know that the enemy is far from you atleast 100m-200m.
- Auto fire mode: This mode is really good for M4A1 at close range, because M4A1 recoil itself is very low (9) so it's pretty powerful with auto fire mode, you can hit your shot easily in close  range with auto fire mode. 

Best Muzzle Attachment for M4A1

Rifle Compensator: This is the best muzzle attachment for M4A1, it help reduces vertical and horizontal recoil and also increases accuracy.
The test of comparison between M4A1 without Compensator and M4A1 with Compensator is dramatically changed, the recoil itself drop from 9 to 7.6. Which make the gun become almost no recoil to shoot. 

_=The Comparison=_

M4A1 without Compensator


M4A1 with Compensator

M4A1 with Compensator

Best Scope Attachment for M4A1

For Close range, I recommended you to use Red Dot Sight or Holographic Sight,  These sight are good for close range engage or combat, and it fit well with Auto fire mode.

M4A1 with red dot

For Meduim-Long range, I recommended you to use a 4x scope. A 4x help target distant enemies, it's very helpful, and it fit well with single fire mode. 

M4A1 with 4x

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