Rare Sniper Rifle.


This Sniper Rifle can only be found in a Supply Drop. Using SNIPER AMMO with the damage of 84. This Sniper is so powerful that it can destroy you even you are wearing level 2 helmet and vest, but still require 2 shot to kill a level 3 helmet and vest. 

Best Loadout for M24

M24 best loadout

Long range scope: Just like Mauser Sniper Rifle, When you use an accurate gun with a powerful lonng range shot, you will require a long range scope as well as a 4x scope or an 8x scope to power this gun correctly.
Sniper Suppressor: This attachment help M24 alot because without suppressor, M24 have the loudest noice that can make all the enemies here or spot, but if you put a suppressor on it, it''ll become the quiet sniper you've ever fire and the enemies barely hear you even you are close to them.
Sniper Ext QD MagThis attachment is also help M24 alot as well, it help reducing the reload time and add more ammo into M24.

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