The rare and the most powerful Sniper Rifle in the game.


This is the most sniper rifle in the game, but it's can only be found in the Supply Drop.
It's using SNIPER AMMO BULLET with the damage of (132) !!!

Best loadout for AWM


Long range scope: a 4x scope8x scope will fit this sniper rifle like a champ. Nobody will ever survive after you hit them with one shot of this scope on the head. 
Sniper Suppressor: this muzzle attachment is a must, for awm when you attach with it, Awm will become so silence that the enemies can't even know where angle they getting shot from.
Sniper Ext QD
 Magwill increase your ammo from (5) to (10) and reduce the reloading time. 

How to counter this gun if you meet them in your game

-This Sniper rifle is simply the best gun in the game. It's so powerful that it can kill you within a seconds if you stand still and fighting against them.
-If you heard a sound of awm shot from the enemies you fighting against just duck down and stop repeek then move to find a better position an angle to shoot them.

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