The most damage Assault Rifle in the game. 


Ak-47 is an assault rifle that rocking a (7.62mm) bullet type. It's dose the most damage of(48) 
in the game but at the same time it's also hard to use or control the recoil, also the firing rate is abit low which make the bullet travel time slower then other gun. 
Ak-47 is a very good gun at close range because it dose alot of damage.
It's also conent 2 firing mode:
-Single fire mode
-Full auto mode 

Best Muzzle Attachment for AK-47

Rifle Compensator: This is the best muzzle attachment for Ak-47, it help reduces vertical and horizontal recoil and also increases accuracy.
The test of comparison between Ak-47 without Compensator and Ak-47 with Compensator is dramatically changed, the recoil itself drop from 12 to 10.2. Which make the gun recoil better to control.

_=The Comparison=_ 

Ak-47 without Compensator

Ak-47 without compensator

Ak-47 with Compensator

Ak-47 with Compensator

Best Scope Attachment for Ak-47

Because this gun is very good with close range i recommended you to use it with red dot sight, it's really good and give you more vision in sight at close rage combat.

Ak-47 with red dot

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