February 8 update information

[Knives Out] Update Information and Events

Last Update  :  08/Feb/2018

Knives Out

February 8 Update Information

Chinese New Year Treasure Shop
Knives Out
In the Chinese New Year period, you can earn silver coin after you finish a match. Also you can earn free diamond pack at shop everyday.
Spring Festival Collection Event
Knives Out
By collecting an Spring Festival limited items to have a chance to Redeem items such as Limited Theme--Lucky Spring, Limited Avatar Frame and Birth Year: Pants or Coin Chest.
Knives Out
To collect Spring Festival and Redeem it you have to go to Campaign.
New Spring Festival Battle
Knives Out
Spring Festival Battle supports solo and team modes. Only Lunar New Year ralated weapon and some melee weapons will be spawned, there will be laege cache of weapons in the marked city. Players can aslo find modified drones in the marked city. In this mode, players can not be damage by their own fireworks.
New Guns
Knives OutAUG
Assault rifle 'AUG' is a powerful weapon that can be obtained only from supplies drop. It contain 42 bullets and it can shooting without an attachment.
Knives Out M27
M27 can be found in building but it was powerful when you customize this gun with good attachment.
New Vehicle
Regional Bus: It is the largest vehicle is knives out that can contain 23 people. It is suitable for 50 vs 50 mode but the risk is high because this bus is slow.
Knives Out Regional Bus


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