Train station

Top of Train Station

This is the view of Train Station from the top, This area is pretty small and also have a lot of angle to fight with your enemies.

Loot Spawn Guide:

  1. Warehouse


This twin Warehouse is very good for early lander, you can get alot of gun inside warehouse and secure all the early kill in the area.

2. Station


The Station located close to the railroad, Some good item also spawn in this house.

3. BuildingBuilding

Landing on the top of building will give you a high ground advantage and also some good loot as well. Hold your building because if alot of people land here they will be at your building by anytime.

Car Spawn:

Because this area is in a deep that cover around with mountain or hill, you can't really find a car at all.

This town is recommended for:


I don't recommend squad to land here, becuase the area is pretty small that won't provide enough supply for 4 man squad.

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