South town

Top view of South Town

This is the top view of South Town, It's a big town located in the south side of the global map direction. Dropping here you will notice alot of 2 stories houses and 3 stories houses as well. 

Loot Spawn Guide:

  1. Garage House

Garage House

Garage House usually spawn some good items, and some guns to prepare for invade battle.
This house also have alot of angle to hold as well.

2. 3 Stories Garage House

3 Stories Garage HOuse

You can land on the roof of this house and start looting from top to bottom, there are usually a good amount of good item on the top as well, Higher position is alway good to scout enemies.

3. Twin 2 stories houses

Twin 2 stories house

If you land in this city you can spot alot of these 2 stories houses that almost loot the same. There are often spawn a good amount of good items for you to loot and a good position to hold for invader as well.

4. Small Mart

Small Mart

This mart is small but you shouldn't miss it, There are often a good loot spawn inside this.

Car Spawn:



Garage is located in the middle of the city, a car alway spawn there.

Car Spawn

on the side of the road  next to south town.

This city is recommended for:


This city is a hotzone for squad to play so be prepare to fight. 

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