South islands

Top of South Island

This is the view from the top of South Island, It's a small Island that located at South side of the map, there are only 4 houses in this island.

Loot Spawn guide:


2 Stories House

In this 2 stories house you can find some good item inside.

Twin Houses

After looting 2 stories house you can come to loot these twin houses, sometime you can get good items out of it.

Car Spawn:

Because this is a small island far from land it dosen't spawn any car or boat either, but if you are lucky enough you might find 1 boat laying around the island, but if not, you need to swim back to mainland.

This island is recommended for


I won't recommend duo or squad to drop there becuase the area is too small for more than 1 people. Sometime that island won't even have enough supply for 1 people.

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