Seaview villa

Seaview Villa

This is the top view of Seaview Villa. It's a small town that located west in global map. The houses spawn in between the 2 roads and some other small house spawn at the side of the road. 

Loot Spawn Guide:

  1. Resturant


This resturant (some call it KFC) content many good loot inside it. It's big and also have some cover place to fight.
You can loot in that place quick and have a good weapon to begin the fight. 

2. Houses

 2 Stories Houses

This twin houses looking like villa are also pretty good for looter, the item inside is pretty good, you can find weapon and tier 1 body amour or helmet. 
You also have high ground advantage to spot your eneimes as well. 

Car Spawn:

Infront of Resturant (KFC)


Back of Seaview Villa town road

Car 1

This town is city recommended for 


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