Top view of Ruins

This is the view from the top of Ruins, its located in west side of the global map. This area is pretty far from the middle map, so if gas is not on your side you need to loot and get out quick.

Loot Spawn Guide:

  1. Warehouse


Warehouse is a good place to land. There are 2 warehouse in this area, you can gather alot of good items and good tier defend item also a good place to hole angle around  your enemies.

2.Broken House

Broken House

This is why it named Ruins, Because most of the house are broken, this house is comon to find, also a lot of good items as well.

3. 2 Stories House

2 Stories House

You can land here if you couldn't reach the main city, land in and loot this house please then go in and combat agaisnt your enemies.

Car Spawn:



This Garage located in the middle of ruins, a car alway spawn here.

This town is recommended for:


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