Radar station

Top View of Radar Station

This is the view from the top of Radar Station. It's Located in the west side of global map, There are 2 main building that make this call name Radar Station.

Loot Spawn Guide:

1. Big Warehouse

Big Warehouse

This warehouse weirder than another warehouse that you used to see. It content two floor in this warehouse and alot of good items inside there.

2. Radar Station

Radar Station

This is the main place of Radar Station area itself, It content 2 stories inside, It's a little bit dark inside so we recommended you to turn on brightness to avoid missing any good items. Alot of good items also spawn in here.

3. Small town

Small town

If you finish looting that 2 building but you still haven't got enough good items you can continue looting a small town that located down of radar station.

Car Spawn:

Radar Station is located in the forest and mountain, so the car dosen't be spawn around here.

This area is recommended for:

Squad won't be recommended because this area is pretty small for more than 2 man.

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