Top view of Quarry

This is the view from the top of Quarry, It's located in southwest of the map and surrounded by mountain. This area is uncommon only small amount of people know and land here. 

Loot Spawn Guide:

  1. Top side warehouse

Top Side Warehouse

The reason why it called top side warehouse because it's located on top of Quarry and it also contain alot of good item too. Don't Miss it.

2. Warehouse


This warehouse located down the way to quarry, when you finished looting the upper area of warehouse, you can come to this warehouse and continue looting.

3. Garage house and Wizard tower

Garage house and wizard tower

This house is a 3 stories house so if you see any enemies landing here with you, forget the warehouse and come into this house.
It's high enough for you to spot or scout your enemies.
It provide alot of good items.
It contain alot of angle for you to hold against your enemies.
If you have no enemies to contest you, after you finish looting the house, continute to the wizard tower and loot. sometime it's provide good items sometime it's didn't.

4. Building


There is only 1 building inside Quarry, You can land on top of it then loot from top to  bottom, if you know you are fighting against your enemies, you can use back balcony to escape. 

Car Spawn:

There is no car spawn around this area at all.

This town is recommended for:


Squad won't be recommended here because it's a small area. 

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