Power plant

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Top of Power Plant

This is the top view of Power Plant. It's located in southwest of the map and it's the  second largest place to land on.

Loot Spawn Guide:

 1. The 4 building 

The 4 Building

These 4 building has alot of loot and meds. You can land from top and start looting from top to bottom. It's also good if you landed on top, you can scout your enemies as well.

2. Duct


Duct is a blue hallway that you can go up there and find alot of good item to loot, you can go up there by stairway, but the disadvantage of going up to duct is you can easily getting shot from another area, because it's high and have zero cover.

3. Station


Station is a good place, Inside the station is a bit dark, so you need to turn up your brightness abit, there are also alot of good item inside there as well, and a good cover place to fight if your enemies invade.

4. Warehouse


Warehouse in Power Plant are mostly very good, Alot of high tier spawn there, and a good gun. Also alot of cover and angle to fight against your enemies. 

5. Containers


There are several containers that located in power plant and it's suprisingly good, I once found sniper rifle and 8x scope on container, but the disadvantage of going up there is that you can easily get shot from another player because it have nothing to cover you. 

Car Spawn:

The car in the area randomly spawn around the town, so you can check on the road becuase mostly the car spawn next to the side of the road. 

This town is recommended for: