Old town

Top view of Old Town

This is the top view of Old Town, It's located in west side of the global map. There are alot of house to loot in this city most of it are 2 stories, so you might be be careful surround you.

1. Main Road House

Main Road House

This main road house is really important, if you have enemies contest you landing here, landing in the main road place is very good, you can get gun quickly then fight your unarmed enemies. 

2. Resturant


Resturant is really a small place but full of good items inside it, Landing here you can get a fast loot with good items to fight against your enemies.

3. Garage House

Garage House

Garage House content alot of good items inside, and a high ground advantage to fight against your enemies. There is only 1 stair to go up so you only need to hold stair if you know the enemies is surround you.

Car Spawn:

1. Next to Main House Road

Main Road Car

This car spawn is located next to bus waiting place. It's alway spawn there.

2. Backroad of the town 

Back Road of the town

This car is located in the back road of the town, when you walk back untill the back town you will see it, it's alway spawn there.

This town is recommended for:



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