Logging camp

Top of Logging Camp

This is the view of Logging Camp from the top, 3 warehouses and 4 small houses in this small little town.

Loot Spawn Guide:

  1. 3 Warehouses

3 Warehouses

This is the best place to loot in logging camp, alot of high tier item spawn here.
You also have a good cover position to fight against your enemies.

2. Houses 

2 stories house

Alway get yourself a 2 stories houses first, becuase you will have a higher chance of getting good item, and a highground advatange to fight against your eneimes. 

Car Spawn:

Car Spawn

The only Car that i've found spawning around logging camp is on the side of the road next to the big rock. 

This town is recommended for 


I don't recommended Squad to land here, becuase there won't be enought supplies for 4 player. 

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