Light house

Light House Top

This is the view of Light house from the top when landing. It's located in northwest on the map. 

Loot Spawn Guide:

  1. 3 Warehouses.

Three Warehouses

If you landed in Light House alone or with your squad without spotting any other enemies, your first choice is to loot these 3 warehouses. Why ? 
- It's Quick, which mean that you can loot faster.
- The loot rate is pretty good, you can pick up a lot of good item inside it. 
- It's have enough cover to fight if someone invade you while looting. 
So if you have a chance, you can come and visit this place.

2. Light House.

Light House

This is where and why the city name Light House. It's located next to 3 Warehouses.
You can't climb up there and no item spawn inside the light building. 
You can pick up some good item in the front house. 

3. Houses


When you landed in Houses area, alway go into a 2 stories house first, because:
- You will have high ground advantage to fight against your enemies.
- You will have a better angle against your enemies.
- You have higher chance of finding a good item inside the house.

Car Spawn:

Because this city is pretty far from the middle of the map, you can find car that spawn around the city.

This City is recommended for :



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