East pier

Top of East Pier

This is the view of East Pier from the top, It's a big city that contain alot of houses and 5 warehouses. It's located in East on the map. 

Loot Spawn Guide:

  1. 5 Warehouses

3 warehouses

These 4 warehouses are located on the main road of East pier, Alot of good loot spawn there, if you landed here witout contester, you can go and loot all the warehouses there. You can loot faster and also get better items then houses and don't forget another warehouse behind the 3 warehouses.


it's located at northeast side of the city, don't forget to check it out. 

2. Houses 


These houses next to warehouse is really good to lend in, It contents 3 stories and 2 stories, Landing on the roof of the balcony so you can get a good weapon and items, don't rush out the houses too fast after you finished, just wait for the enemies to walk around, you can spot them easily if you stay on the red left house.

Car Spawn:

Car Spawn

The car spawn infront of 3 warehouses. 

The City is recommended for:

Telpher area
Central city

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