Central city

Top of Central City

This is the view of Central City from the top, It's a very big city and located in the middle of the global map. 

Loot Spawn Guide:

  1. Building


This building has alot of room, and also some good item to loot inside, it content 3 stories and a roof that you can scout your enemies. Landing on the roof also provide alot of supplies as well.

2. Resturant


Resturant is a big place that spawn alot of loot inside, but in the middle of the city that alot of player wanna go in, it's really not a good idea to go there.

3. Houses


There are alot of Houses in this city, Loot 1 house after house and after you have a good weapon and defending items, go into the top or the buliding of top of 2 stories house to spot your enemies and kill them.

Car Spawn:

Car Spawn

Car spawn is located infront of resturant, and other car spawn in front of the main road and the rear of the main road. 

This town is recommended for:



This city is the most popular city among all, so if you play as squad this would be really fun place to land in. 

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