What you need to know for beginner?

What you need to know for beginner player

Win & Lose Condition
Knives out
Surviving is the key to get win in Knives Out. Being a hero is not the best idea but to be last one is what player should do. You want to take thing slow because each game has you up against 99 opponents.
Let's practice with solo first
Knives Out
Knives out have 4 mode for player to choose: Solo (1 player), Duo (2 Players), Squad ( 4 Players) and Fireteam (5 players). So for beginner player you should try to play solo mode first. 
After you get use with solo mode, you can start playing duo mode, squad mode or fireteam mode with your friend or let the game get a player for you.


Other Informations for Beginner


Toxic Gas Zone

Landing Strategy

Looting Good Items

Shooting and Movement

Outside Safe Zone Play Style

Weapon Information

Weapon ListWeapon EquipmentWeapon Ranking

Map Informations

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