Using Vehicle
There are multiple vehicles like Van, Jeep, Kart, Three Wheel Bike and Boats.
Vehicle Type
Van: can carry 4 passengers. 3 passengers's seat support lean and shoot.
Knives Out Van
Jeep: Regular jeep can carry 5 people and the enhanced version can carry 6 people and equipped with machine gun.
Knives Out Jeep
Kart: Regular kart can carry 2 people and the enhanced version also can carry 2 people as well but it equipped with machine gun.
Knives Out Kart
Regional Bus: It is the largest vehicle is knives out that can contain 23 people. It is suitable for 50 vs 50 mode but the risk is high because this bus is slow.
Knives Out Regional Bus
Sedan: It is the fastes vehicle that can carry 5 people to the safe place easily.
Knives Out Sedan
Bike: Three Wheel Bike can carry 3 people.
Knives Out Three Wheel Bike
Boat: water vehicles can carry 4 people.
Knives Out Boat
The Duration of the vehicle drop when taken a hit. You will see a Smoke.
Knives Out
Vehicle Explosion
The vehicle explodes then the duration drop to 0, the driver and passengers will be effected by it as well.
Knives Out
The damaged part turns to red and infects the performance of the vehicle.
Knives Out
The left rear wheel of the van is damage, which infects the vehicle on speed and controlling.
Vehicles consume fuel. When the tank turn red, you need to refuel to keep driving.
Fuel can be found during looting.


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