Shooting & movement tips

Shooting Tips

There are two kinds of strikes in Knives Out. Aim Down Shot and Hip Fighting.

Knives Out
As you can see from the image, in Knives Out it provide you with two shoting buttoms that make you easy to shot.
You can also use Aim Buttom to make it easy to kill you enemy but it also depend on the situation you at, if the enemy near you, you do not need to use aim button, but if the enemy far away from you, you can use Scope to Zoom in.

Tips for Moving & Find Enemies

In Knives Out, there are two ways of traveling. Walking and use Vehicle. It is necessary to change the traveling according to each situation.

Walk or Dash (Run)
In Knives Out, we need to move quick so walking is not better idea, so we need to run.
Knives OutKnives Out
If you hold the stick forward for a certain period of time. you will be in dash mode.
Dash With Another Button
Knives Out
You can switch to the dash mode simply by tapping the dash button near the map. Move the moving stick to release the dash mode. While you in dash mode, you can change the direction by moving the viewpoint.
Free Looking
Knives Out
If you want to look around while in runing mode, you can hold the free look button and move around. The free look button is on the bottom on the map. 
Find An Enemy 
There are two ways if finding an enemies. You can find an enemies by using mini map and by the drop from airplane.
Find An Enemy with Mini Map
Knives Out
In Knives Out, you can find an enemy by using mini map. As you can see in the image, when something happen it will show on the mini map.
Vihicle Sound, Footsteps, Gunshots will appear on the mini map when it happen near you.
Find An Enemy with Drop Fro Airplane
You cam find an enemy with drop from airplane, because many player will go there to get a good weapon. So if you want to get a good weapon and want to get an opportunity to fight with an enemy you should go there.


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