Landing strategy

Landing Strategy

First of all, it start with a parachute from an airplane. So you have to choose where you want to land in.

Mark the Landing Point
Open the map on the corner to see the whole battleground. Once you open the map while you on the airplane you will see the flight route with the yellow dot line
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Mark landing location on the big ma. The marker would also shown on the scale on the top screen.
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Pin stabbed in the map can be share with you teammates when you play in team like Duo, Squad and Fireteam.
Land Further & Faster
Drag up with right hand and maintain forward with left joystick, so the parallel SPD reaches highest and land the furthest. If you wan to land faster just drag the view upside down with right hand and maitain forward with left joystick.
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Landing Choice
More people would choose to land in the Red/Green area for the more intensive resources, but those place are more dangerous at the same time.
Knives Out[Red circle = High grade goods]  [Green circle = Intermediate goods]
Choose resource intensive area to collect better gear also facing a more dangerous situation.
For beginner player, it a little bit hard that to land on build so if you can not land on the build please try to land close to the build. And try to land into the town or city.
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Observe Surroundings while Skydiving
Drag the eye icon to observe surroundings while control the SPD and direction on the left.
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