Collecting an efficiently item

Collecting an Efficiently Item

Collecting a good items are not mean you can win the game but it make a game become easy for you with an efficiently item.

Pick Up Setting
Knives Out Setting
In Knives Out, there are two pick up setting, manually pick up and automatically pick up.
Manually is to pick up goods by yourself when you passing it by clicking on the item that appear on the screen.
Automatically is to pick up goods just by passing over goods, it will pick up goods automatically for you. But there are cases in which you pick up too much. So you should go to pick up setting and adjust some option for good.
Gather Weapon & Equipment
Knives Out
Immedaitely after descent, you should try to gather weapon in other to protect yourself from the enemy.
In other to get a weapon faster you should try to go to big building, you will be able to find a ton of weapon over there.
Pick Up Goods From Enemies That Have Been Killed
Knives Out
You can pick up supplies from dead friends or enemies. But before pick up goods from dead friends or enemies let's chech that there are no enemies around you.
Pick Up Goods From Drop
Knives Out
In Knives out, there are so many drop fall from the airplane randomly in the map. There are too many efficiently goods in that drop. But it will became a battle place as well.


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