Be careful with toxic gas zone

Be Careful with Toxic Gas Zone

In Knives out, there are two zones which there are Safe Zone and Toxic Gas Zone (danger zone). Player should not stay in the Toxic Gas Zone and start move to the Safe Zone.

The Toxic Gas Zone will expand with the game process! What you need to do is to leave the Restricted Area and stay in the Safe Zone.

The White Circle is Safe Zone and The Red Cricle is Toxic Gas Zone.

The Red Area that Circle by Blue Color is Bomb Area that can be kill you if you stay in that. If you accidentally stay in Bomb Area please try to find a build or house and stay in there until the bomb area disappear.

Knives OutKnives Out

When you stay outside the Safe Zone you will lose your HP becasue of Toxic Gas, so please remmenber to stay in Safe Zone.

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