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It is a Knives Out game wiki. It's all about game information, update information, beginner tips and strategy to get win.

Knives Out

Update Information

It's all about new update information that player should know.

Knives Out 12 Feb February 12 Update Information
Knives Out February 8 Update Information

Beginner Tips & Tricks Capture

The information about useful tips and tricks for beginner player to know.

Knives Out

Beginner Must See! Thing To Remember
Beginner Should Know! Toxic Gas Zone
Landing Strategy Looting Efficiently Goods
Shooting & Moving Vehicle
Outside safe zone tips Map Information

Weapon Information

Weapon List

Assault Rifle
Knives Out M4A1M4A1 Knives Out S-ACRS-ACR Knives Out M27M27
Knives Out QBZ-95QBZ-95 Knives Out AK-47AK-47 Knives Out AUGAUG
Knives Out M860M860 Knives Out SK12SK12  
SMG (Sub Machine Gun)
Knives Out MP5MP5 Knives Out MK5MK5 Knives Out UZIUZI
Knives Out MK60MK60    
Sniper Rifle
Knives Out Mauser Sniper RifleMauser Sniper Rifle Knives Out M24M24 Knives Out AWMAWM
Knives Out SVDSVD Knives Out ValVal  

Attachment List

In Knives Out, attachment that can equipped for each weapon are different. So let's try to understand together.

AttachmentAttachment List

Map Information

Knives Out MapMap Inforamtion

There are many buildings and facilities on the map. As the number of buildings and supplies vary depending on the area. So let's just look together.

Light House Seaview Villa
Power Plant Logging Camp
Telpher Area East Pier
Central City West Pier
Train Station Quarry
Coastal Town South Town
South Island Ruins
Old Town Radar Station


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