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View all skins in Hyper Front here with price, how to get, and rarity of each weapon skin.

Assault Rifles
Hyper Front AK Skin list - zilliongamerAKHyper Front M4A1 Skin list - zilliongamerM4A1
Hyper Front SCAR Skin list - zilliongamerSCARHyper Front QBZ Skin list - zilliongamerQBZ
Hyper Front FAL Skin list - zilliongamerFALHyper Front MK14 Skin list - zilliongamerMK14
Hyper Front Vector Skin list - zilliongamerVectorHyper Front UMP Skin list - zilliongamerUMP
Hyper Front UZI Skin list - zilliongamerUZIHyper Front P90 Skin list - zilliongamerP90
Hyper Front M870 Skin list - zilliongamerM870Hyper Front AA12 Skin list - zilliongamerAA12
Hyper Front Knight Skin list - zilliongamerKnightHyper Front M249 Skin list - zilliongamerM249
Hyper Front UltiMax Skin list - zilliongamerUltiMax-
Hyper Front R93 Skin list - zilliongamerR93Hyper Front Barrett Skin list - zilliongamerBarret
Hyper Front SVD Skin list - zilliongamerSVD-
Hyper Front M92 Skin list - zilliongamerM92Hyper Front USP Skin list - zilliongamerUSP
Hyper Front Heavy Pistol Skin list - zilliongamerHeavy PistolHyper Front Sawd-Off Skin list - zilliongamerSawed-Off
Hyper Front CZ75 Skin list - zilliongamerCZ75-

Useful Tips & Guides

Find all useful tips and guides in Hyper Front here to improve your in-game skills, map knowledge and more.


Game Information

Hyper Front a new 5v5 tactical fps mobile game available for both Android and iOS set in a near-future sci-fi world developed by NetEase Games x BATTLE FUN.

Release Date:July 20, 2022
Platforms:Android & iOS
Genre:Tac Fps, 5v5
Download:App Store & Google Play
Social Media:Twitter


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