Gods of Boom Shotgun Weapon List

Find all shotgun weapons in Gods of Boom here including weapon stats, features, and weapon guides here.

There are 13 shotgun weapons in Gods of Boom such as Trickster, Death Dealer, Battering Ram, Storm, Onslaught, Berserker, Desperado, Brawler, Traitor, Ranger, Remedy, Cerberus, and Porcupine.

Shotgun LIst

Shotgun: Trickster | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerTrickster364-388(Max)10
Shotgun: Death Dealer | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerDeath Dealer400-1028(Max)9
Shotgun: Battering Ram | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerBattering Ram652-1708(Max)9
Shotgun: Storm | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerStorm776-1820(Max)10
Shotgun: Onslaught | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerOnslaught896-1960(Max)11
Shotgun: Berserker | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerBerserker1028-2148(Max)10
Shotgun: Desperado | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerDesperado480-1800(Max)9
Shotgun: Brawler | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerBrawler840-1588(Max)8
Shotgun: Traitor | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerTraitor932-2008(Max)10
Shotgun: Ranger | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerRanger1120-2268(Max)9
Shotgun: Remedy | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerRemedy1428-2212(Max)10
Shotgun: Cerberus | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerCerberus1520-2428(Max)10
Shotgun: Porcupine | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerPorcupine2520(Max)10

Shotgun Information

Weapon Specialization

Assault Specialization | God of Boom | zilliongamerAssaultRecon Specialization | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerRecon

View more detail about specialization here.

Weapon Feature

High Power and Low Fire Rate: Shotgun has high power output but low fire rate which is great to use as a primary weapon.

Close Range: All shotgun can shoot only in close range.

Weapon Guide

Aim for the head: Try to aim at the head to get additional damage.

Only use in the close range: shoot in close range in order to get full damage.

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