Gods of Boom Knife Weapon List

Find all knife weapons in Gods of Boom here including weapon stats, features, and weapon guides here.

There are 9 knife weapons in Gods of Boom such as Slayer, Claw, Surgeon, Hornet, Sudoku, Shark, Iguana, Fang, Damascus. Find all weapons stats here.

Knife List

Knife: Slayer | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerSlayer350-480(Max)
Knife: Claw | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerClaw410-850(Max)
Knife: Surgeon | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerSurgeon540-1000(Max)
Knife: Hornet | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerHornet670-1200(Max)
Knife: Sudoku | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerSudoku800-1400(Max)
Knife: Shark | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerShark860-1500(Max)
Knife: Iguana | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerIguana920-1600(Max)
Knife: Fang | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerFang980-1700(Max)
Knife: Damascus | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerDamascus1800(Max)

Knife Information

Weapon Specialization

Assault Specialization | God of Boom | zilliongamerAssaultSniper Specialization | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerSniperSupport Specialization | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerSupportRecon Specialization | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerRecon

View more detail about Specialization here.

Weapon Feature

Close Range: All knife weapon can only use in close range combat.

Weapon Guide

Aim for the head: If you want to kill enemies faster aim for the head, it will give you additional damage.

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