Support Specialization

Here is the information about Support specialization and perks in Gods of Boom, which help you to find the best perk that suitable for your play style.

Support Specialization

If you are a player who don't like to be in front line and love to assist your teammate support is the best specialization that you should consider.


Support Specialization Weapon | Gods of Boom - zilliongamer

Weapon: Assault and Machine Gun


Head: Tsunami | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerTsunamiHead: Ballistic Mask | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerBallistic Mask
Head: Titan | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerTitan 

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Torso: Kevlar | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerKevlarTorso: Shell | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerShell
Torso: Ifrit | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerIfritTorso: Zero | Gods of Boom - zilliongamer

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Torso: Panther | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerPantherTorso: Aquamarine | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerAquamarine
Torso: Space Marine | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerSpace MarineTorso: Cowboy | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerCowboy
Torso: Jockey | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerJockey 

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Here are perks that available in support specializationmean that number is not fixed and it will increase when you upgrade it.

Perk: Tank | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerTankMaximum armor increased by N%
Perk: Marauder | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerMarauderArmor restores N% per enemy hit with offensive consumables
Perk: Regroup | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerRegroupAfter you reload your machine gun, your maximum armor increases by N% for 5 seconds.
Perk: Kick Start | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerKick StartEliminating an enemy with a machine gun provides a N% chance of reloading 2x Faster
Perk: Unbreakable | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerUnbreakableEliminating an enemy with a machine gun increase your damage for 3s. The more armor you have, the higher the damage(Max N%)
Perk: Fortify | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerFortifyEliminations with offensive consumables reduce incoming shot damage by N% for 5 seconds.
Perk: Burn Out | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerBurn OutOffensive consumables have a N% chance of setting the enemy on fire and dealing an additional 20% damage over 5s
Perk: Patchwork | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerPatchworkDefensive consumables restore N% more armor
Perk: Helping Hand | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerHelping HandEnemies eliminated with a matchine gun drop power cell that any ally can pick up and restore N% of their armor over 5s.
Perk: Double Trouble | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerDouble TroubleA machine gun elimination increase damage from offensive consumable by N% for 5s.

End of Support Specialization

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