Sniper Specialization

Here is the information about sniper specialization and perks in Gods of Boom, which help you to find the best perks that suitable for your play style.

Sniper Specialization

If you like to play sneaky and have a steady hand at aim this specialization is perfect for you. Sniper mostly play in long-range. Here are the weapon and gear that compatible with.


Sniper Specialization Weapon | Gods of Boom - zilliongamer

Weapon: Assault Rifle and Rifle


Head: Fumigator | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerFumigatorHead: Tsunami | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerTsunami
Head: Dark Stalker | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerDark Stalker 

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Torso: Kevlar | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerKevlarTorso: Ifrit | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerIfrit
Torso: Zero | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerZero 

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Leg: Panther | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerPantherLeg: Jockey | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerJockey
Leg: Daredevil | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerDaredevil 

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Here are perks that available in Sniper specialization. Mean that number is not fixed and it will increase when you upgrade it.

Sniper Perk: Another Shot | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerAnother ShotIf an enemy wasn't eliminated with the first rifle hit, the next hit within 3s will inflict N% more damage
Sniper Perk: Trophy Hunter | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerTrophy HunterEliminating an enemy with perfect Aim using a rifle restores N% armor
Sniper Perk: High Ground | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerHigh GroundYour rifle inflicts N% more damage if the enemy is below you.
Sniper Perk: Sleight of Hand | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerSleight Of HandEliminating an enemy with Perfect Aim using a rifle provides a N% chance of reloading N% faster
Sniper Perk: Berserk | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerBerserkThe less armor you have, the more damage to the head your rifle inflicts(Max N%)
Sniper Perk: Peace Maker | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerPeace MakerRunning speed increases by N% if you don't inflict damage for 5s
Sniper Perk: Plan B | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerPlan BHitting an enemy in the legs with a rifle from less than 10 meters away reduces their movement speed by N% for 2s.
Sniper Perk: What A Rush | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerWhat A RushMelee eliminations increase your running speed by N% for 3s.
Sniper Perk: Gunslinger | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerGunslingerHitting an enemy to the head with a pistol inflicts N% more damage and restores your armor.
Sniper Perk: Retreat | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerRetreatUsing defensive consumable increase your running speed by N% for 3s

End of Sniper Specialization

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