Assault Specialization

Here is the information about assault specialization and perks in Gods of Boom, which help you find the best perks that suitable for your play style.

Assault Specialization

If you are a frontline player who likes to play medium and close range, you can choose assault as your main specialization. Here are weapons and gear that compatible with.


Assault Specialization Weapon | Gods of Boom - zilliongamer

Weapon: Assault Rifle and Shotgun


Head: Doctor | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerDoctorHead: Ballistic Mask | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerBallistic Mask
Head: Titan | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerTitanHead: Fumigator | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerFumigator

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Vest: Kevlar | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerKevlarVest: Shell | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerShell
Vest: Corsair | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerCorsairVest: Zero | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerZero

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Vest: Panther | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerPantherVest: Daredevil | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerDaredevil
Vest: Space Marine | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerSpace Marine 

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Here are perks that available in assault specializationmean that number is not fixed and it will increase when you upgrade it.

Assault Perk : Trooper | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerTrooperMaximum armor reduce by N% while movement speed increases by N%
Assault Perk : Break A Leg | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerBreak A LegEnemies Slow down by N% for 2 seconds, when hit in the leg with assault rifle.
Assault Perk : Extreme Temperature | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerExtreme TemperatureEliminated frozen enemies with a shotgun restores armor, eliminated an fire with shotgun restores health (both by N%)
Assault Perk : Battle Surgeon | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerBattle SurgeonIf you hit a target with a shotgun your melee attack on the same target within the next 2s will restore N% health for you.
Assault Perk : Rush | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerRushEliminating enemies with perfect aim using rifle assault increase damage from offensive consumable by N% for 5 seconds
Assault Perk : Dualism | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerDualismEliminating with offensive consumable provide a N% chance to set on fire or freeze enemy with assault rifle hit next 5s
Assault Perk : Armor Thief | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerArmor ThiefMelee Elimination restore N% armor
Assault Perk : Detection | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerDetectionEnemies hit with offensive consumable are highlighted for N% seconds.
Assault Perk : Second Wind | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerSecond WindMovement speed increase by N% if you don't receive damage  for 5 Seconds
Assault Perk : Piercing Rounds | Gods of Boom - zilliongamerPiercing Rounds

After reload your assault rifle deal N% more damage to armor for 3 seconds

End of Assault Specialization

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