Gods of Boom Consumable Item List

There are two types of consumable items in Gods of Boom such as attack and support. Find out more information about these items here!

Attack Consumable

Hand Grenade

Comsumable item: Hand Grenade | Gods of Boom - zilliongamer

Power: 1000
Blast Radius: 2

+Ability: Deals damage to all enemies within range.

Use hand grenade to eliminate enemies. The radius is very low so try to aim directly to enemies so they can get full damage.

Support Consumable


Consumable Item: Med Kit | Gods of Boom - zilliongamer

Health/Sec: 100
Duration: 5

+Ability: Restores health over time.

Stim Gun

Consumable Item: Stim Gun | Gods of Boom - zilliongamer

Health/Sec: 80
Duration: 10
Protection: 20%


  • Temporarily reduces incoming damage when used.
  • Restores health over time

Repair Kit

Consumable Item: Repair Kit | Gods of Boom - zilliongamer

Armor Regeneration: 850
Duration: 3

Using these items during combat might help you to win in combat.

+Ability: Gradually restores armor when used.

Items List

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