Agent's Sacrificial Knife

Agent's Sacrificial Knife is in Common Ascension material of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Agent's Sacrificial Knife - zilliongamer

Description: An oddly-shaped weapon made with superior Snezhnayan technology that once belonged to a senior agent. Proper training is required for using this strange weapon.

Item TypeCommon Ascension Material
Rarity3 Star

How to Get Agent's Sacrificial Knife

There is a source to obtain Agent's Sacrificial Knife:

  • Source 1: Dropped by Lv. 40+ Agents.

How to Craft Agent's Sacrificial Knife

NameImageCraft Type
Inspector's Sacrificial KnifeGenshin Impact Inspector's Sacrificial Knife - zilliongamerAlchemy

Weapon That Use Agent's Sacrificial Knife

Debate ClubEye of Perception
Skyrider SwordWhite Tassel
Hunter's Sacrificial Knife
Inspector's Sacrificial Knife

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