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This Fortnite Battle Royale News & Skins provides all the latest news, game updates, character skins, and all items information in Fortnite such as weapons, items, maps and more.

Latest News & Updates

News Topic & Summary

New Skins 29th MayGet your favorite outfit in Fortnite Item Shop.
Love and WarComplete the Mission and unlock the rewards.
v12.50 Patch NotesGet to know everything that's new in Fortnite v12.50 here. 

Character Skins Customization

Fortnite Character Skins & Customization - zilliongamer

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Showcase Skin List

Fortnite All Outfit Skin List - zilliongamerOutfit skinFortnite All Glider Skin List - zilliongamerGlider
Fortnite All Pickaxe Skin List - zilliongamerPickaxeFortnite All Backbling Skin List - zilliongamerBackbling
Fortnite All Emote Skin List - zilliongamerEmoteFortnite All Wrap Skin List - zilliongamerWrap

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Weapon & Item Types

Fortnite Weapon & Item Information - zilliongamer

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All Weapon Types List

Fortnite All Assault Rifle List - zilliongamerAssault RifleFortnite All Sniper Rifle List - zilliongamerSniper Rifle
Fortnite All Shotgun List - zilliongamerShotgunFortnite All SMG List - zilliongamerSMG
Fortnite All Rocket Launcher List - zilliongamerRocket LauncherFortnite All Pistol List - zilliongamerPistol

All Item Types List

Fortnite Healing Items List - zilliongamerHealing ItemsFortnite Throwable Items List - zilliongamerThrowable Items

Chapter 2 Season 1

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season - zilliongamer

Get To Know What's New In This Chapter 2


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