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Rocket Launcher is an Explosive Weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale.

It is available in 2 variants:


It uses Rockets.


Rocket Launcher (Epic)

Rocket Launcher Epic | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Critical Hit Chance0%Durability
Critical Hit Damage0%Reload Time2.7s
Fire Rate0.75Ammo Cost1
Magazine Size1Impact2100

Loot Packages Containing This Weapon

NamePackage NameChanceReal Chance
Floor LootRocket28.5%14.2%

Rocket Launcher (Legendary)

Rocket Launcher Legendary | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Critical Hit Chance0%Durability
Critical Hit Damage0%Reload Time2.5s
Fire Rate0.75Ammo Cost1
Magazine Size1Impact2200

Loot Packages Containing This Weapon

NamePackage NameChanceReal Chance
Floor LootRocket8.0%4.0%
Supply dropRocket33.3%6.7%


Date and VersionChanges
6.22 Patch Notes(November 6,2018)

Weapon + Items

  • The Pumpkin launcher has been reverted back to the standard Rocket Launcher.
6.02 Patch Notes(October 10,2018)
  • Loot Drop rate adjustments.
  • Decreased Rare Grenade Launcher drop chance from 1.45% to 0.99%.
  • Note: The overall number of Explosive Weapons and sniper in a given game has not changed,however,there is a greater distribution of rarity and variants. 
5.40 Patch Notes(September 6,2018)
  • Removed Rare Rocket Launcher.
  • Available of Epic and Legendary Rocket Launchers increased slightly to compensate.
  • Increased Epic Rocket Launchers drop chance from 0.11% to 0.73%.
  • Increased Legendary Rocket Launcher drop chance from 0.03% to 0.10%.
5.20 Patch Notes(August 7,2018)
  • Fixed reliability issue when using a rocket launcher to boost shopping carts or the ATK.
5.10 Patch Notes(July 24,2018)
  • Supply drop loot rates adjusted.
  • Explosive to 25% from 28.5%.
5.0 Patch Notes(July 7,2018)
  • Lowered the vehicle knockback strength on Grenade,Sticky Grenade,Grenade Launcher,and Rocket Launcher.

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