Fortnite Launcher Weapon List

Get to know everything about weapon stats of Launcher Weapon in Fortnite including damage, rate of fire, and DPS (damage per second) in all rarity type.

Launcher Weapon List

Grenade Launcher

ImageDamageDPSFire Rate
Rare Grenade Launcher | Fortnite Weapon List100100.01.0
Epic Grenade Launcher | Fortnite Weapon List105105.01.0
Legendary Grenade Launcher | Fortnite Weapon List110110.01.0

Proximity Grenade Launcher

ImageDamageDPSFire Rate
Epic Proximity Launcher | Fortnite Weapon List6743.50.65
Legendary Proximity Launcher | Fortnite Weapon List7045.50.65

Quad Launcher

ImageDamageDPSFire Rate
Epic Quad Launcher | Fortnite Weapon List8080.01.0
Legendary Quad Launcher | Fortnite Weapon List8484.01.0

Rocket Launcher

ImageDamageDPSFire Rate
Epic Rocket Launcher | Fortnite - zilliongamer11687.00.75
Legendary Rocket Launcher | Fortnite Weapon List12190.70.75

Launcher Weapon Summary

Weapon Attribute

Damages Split around an Area  

When you shoot the Launcher to one target, Launchers deal damage around the area where it explodes. It means that if the enemies are next to each other, you guys should use the launcher and it will hit multiple enemies with a single shot.   

Range Versatility

With this Launcher Weapon, it could be great to use it in the long-range and the medium-range to destroy your enemies and structures, but be careful launcher will damage yourself as well if you use it in the close-range.

Different Types

Launcher Weapons has up to 3 different gun types that you can find and use in the game, each type has its own unique part.

Weapon Tips

Do not Deal Team Damage

Eventhough, this launcher weapon can deal huge damage to yourself, enemies and structures, but in-game friendly fire is off. You don't need to worry about it.

 Take Time To Hit A Target

When you guys shot the launcher weapon to the enemies, it will take a few seconds until it reaches the destination before it deal damages the target. So, you guys should predict your enemy's movement before you shoot.

Destroy the Structures Easily

With this launcher weapon, you guys can destroy any structures quickly with their powerful damage.

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