Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart is a vehicle in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Shopping Cart allow a driver,which can move push the Shopping Cart,and a passenger,which can shoot,build,harvest materials and use emotes.They cannot crouch,however.

Shopping Carts are seemingly hidden around the map,usually in corners,inside buildings,on top of mountains,etc.Just like the majority of objects, their spawn points are varible and therefore,they cannot be always found on the same spot.

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  • Shopping Carts can be used to travel around the map,run away from the storm or as an attack vehicle with a second player against a target.
  • Shopping Carts can provide some sort of protection when going downhill,bu long jumps may cause lethal fall damage.
  • Shopping Carts are quite strong on collisions,but not very strong against weapons


Date and VersionChanges
5.20 Patch Notes(August 7,2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reliability issues when using a rocket launcher to boost shopping carts or the ATK.
5.0 Patch Notes(July 7,2018)
  • Improved performance of shopping carts on both the game client and server.
4.5 Patch Notes(June 27,2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Pickaxes will no longer hit the Shopping Cart if you are riding as the passenger.
  • Players in the Down-But-Not-Out state can no longer enter Shopping Carts.
4.4 Patch Notes(June 11,2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Lightly pulling backward on the gamepad movement thumbstick while in the Shopping Cart will no longer make you move forward.
  • Players will no longer get stuck shooting their weapon when switching seats and firing simultaneously in the Shopping Cart.
  • Passengers ejecting from the Shopping Cart at high speeds will no longer get a large impluse.
  • Improved interaction of players and Shopping Carts with soccer and basketballs.
  • The Shopping Cart will no longer destroy unbreakable objects.
  • Shopping Carts will no longer float in the air after the platform they were on is destroyed. 
4.3 Patch Notes(May 30,2018)

Added rideable Shopping Carts.

  • Room for two- push it around or ride as passenger.
  • Can shoot from passenger seat.
  • Found scattered around the world in various locations.
  • Fall damage enabled.

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