ATK stand for ( All Terrain Kart) is it a kind of vehicle in Fortnite Battle Royale.It can fit 4 players and gets speed boosts after powersliding.It's roof acts like tires.

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However,its lethal potential is a little harder to pin down.The Short answer is"yes,you can down and kill someone with an ATK.However,it's a once in blue type of thing as we spent hours ramming into people in the interests of science and almost gave up.

We can use the ATK to eliminate the enemies. There was no on-screen message that time though which just makes thing even more confusing.But,the very fact that the message appears in the game at all must mean its something you're intented to be able to do,no matter how hard or unlikely it appears to be.


  • Being a step-up over the Shopping cart,ATKs can be used to cruise around the map,to run away from the storm or as an attack vehicle with teammates.
  • Only the driver can control the ATK, while the passengers can use weapons at their disposal,Emotes can only be done by the passengers on the back.
  • When a slot is available,players can switch places by using the crouch button,Note that the character changes seats clock-wise (relative to vehicle),therefore the front passenger can immediately switch to the driver seat by using the action button three times.
  • Boosts can be performed by drifting for a while until sparks starts appearing from the wheels,Blue sparks denote a small boost,yellow sparks denote a medium boost and red sparks denote a long boost,This is a reference to the Mario Kart series,in particular Mario Kart 8,where you get a small boots for drifting for some distance,and you get bigger boosts for drifting longer.
  • ATKs should be avoided for stealth approaches,as the ATK is very loud.


Date and VersionChanges
5.20 Patch Notes(August 7,2018)


  • Add the ability to honk while driving the ATK.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reliability issues when using a rocket launcher to boosy shopping carts or the ATK.
  • Leaning while on All Terrain Karts no longer cancels emotes.
5.10 Patch Notes(July 24,2018)


  • Significant All Terrain Kart (ATK) performance improvements.


  • All Terrain Kart(ATK) audio improvements.
  • Improved All Terrain Kart (ATK) audio attenuation fall-off.
  • Added a unique sound when the All Terrain Kart(ATK) is destroyed.
  • Added sounds for when the All Terrain Kart(ATK) is in water.
5.0 Patch Notes(July 12,2018)

All Terrain Kart(ATK)

  • The new All Terrain Kart(ATK) has room for your entire squad.
  • Get a speed boost after drifting.
  • The roof acts as a bounce pad.
  • Work together as rear passengers to leap over obstacles with the All Terrain Kart(ATK).Lean back and release at the same time for higher jump.
  • Lean back by holding S on keyboards or holding back on the thumbstick for controllers.

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