v9.30 Patch Notes

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Chug Splash

Refresh yourself and allies with this tasty new beverage.

More details about the Chug Splash Click Here.

Limited Time Mode Rotation

  • Sniper Shootout Duos
    • Sniper Rifles only.May the best aim win!
  • Trios
    • Classic Battle Royale with Three-Person squads. 
  • Solid Gold Squads
    • Fight to the finish using legendary weapons.

Weapons + Items

  • Shotgun Swap Delay Removed
    • Shotgun cooldowns now only apply when the player is carrying multiple shotguns,regardless of Shotgun type.
      • This is a Quality of life change to prevent the swap delay system from interfering with players who do not have multiple shotguns in their inventory.As with all changes,Epic Games will be keeping a close eye on this and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Reduced the Combat Shotgun's long range effectiveness
    • Reduced damage at medium distance by 10%
      • 2.44 tiles to 4.88 tiles
    • Reduced damage at long distance by 20%
      • 4.88 tiles to 9.76 tiles
    • The Combat Shotgun's accuracy uniquely enables players to hit shots from longer distance compared to other shotguns.However,the damage at those longer ranges was little higher than desired.
  • Vaulted
    • Boom Bow
    • Dual Pistols
    • Dynamite
    • These vaults are primarily targeted at adjusting the availability of explosives,putting them more in line with where they think they should be.
  • Removed the ability to ride Proximity Grenade Launcher projectiles.
    • Due to the faster speed of this projectile,it was causing problems with level streaming.You can still ride rockets launched from Rocket Launchers.
  •  Added short delay to start damaging players From storm Flips on entry,to mimic normal Storm gameplay
  • Added Storm Flip to Audio Visualizer when it is actived.
  • Toys no longer will show up in the elimination feed on Starter Island. 


  • Made the "Hold to Swap" feature an option.This defaults as OFF.
    • Within the option OFF,pick up is now back on the initial button press instead of button release.This should result in more responsive pickup behavior. 
  • Made the Fortbyte Pressure Plate Puzzle NW of the Block easier to complete.
    • Once unlocked the Fortbyte will be available for up to 15 seconds.
    • Parking all vehicles on the pedestals will trigger them,except the Hoverboard.
  • .Slipstreams now fade out the visual effects and play audio cues to warn that they are shutting off before the collision and forces are disabled,to give players more advance warning.
  • Added Storm Flip color switch effects,depending on Storm intersection points.


  • Rendering optimizations on player built walls to help end-game situations with thousands of building pieces.
  • Added general optimizations for audio visual indicators.


  • Improvements to Grenade Launcher and Grenade fuse sounds
    • Added a close-range fuse loop that is attenuated based on damage radius.
    • Sound ramps up as the projectile get close to exploding.If you hear this you are going to take damage unless you block the explosion.
  •  Lowered the volume of vehicles in a Slipstream that doesn't have a driver/passenger.
  • Increase the range for the enemy 1*1 pickaxe impact sound from 1 tile to 1.5 tiles.


  • Hiding the vehicle health bar that appears above a vehicle if you are the player operating it to avoid two vehicle health bars from being displayed.
    • The vehicle health bar that appears above a players health and shield will remain in the HUD.


  • Increased the size of the auto-pickup radius for items.

Bug Fixes

Weapons + Items

  • Players could shoot immediately after using a Rift to GO.
  • Supply Drones would somethings spawn underground in areas with water.
  • Adjusted the area of around the Reboot Van that players cannot build to prevent the placement of floors and traps under the van.
  • The Proximity Grenade Launcher was auto reloading while aiming down sights.
    • This fix makes it consistent with Snipers and will reload once unscoping or after next attempt to fire.
  • Adjusted the timing for the effects of consumables to help situations where players would switch away from the consumable before it finished activating.
  • Reboot card will no longer fall to the ground.They will remain where they spawn.
  • Reboot cards were remaining available on the map even after the timer had expired.
  • Campfires could block explosive damage at specific angles.
  • The Shadow Bomb double jump ability could be activated while under the effects of a Boogie Bomb.
  • Boogie Bomb effects would continue playing on players while they were skydiving.
  • Empty Shadow Bombs could not be discarded correctly if eliminated while the effect was active in respawn game modes.
  • Player that had a Rift to Go used on them at the same time they were being rebooted would sometimes not be put into the skydiving state.
  • Storm Flip would deal incorrect damage if two were overlapped on each other.
  • Storm Flip was able to stop a Supply Drop from falling\
  • Weapons were showing while using emotes while on a Driftboards.


  • Skydiving from the bus toward a slipstream was not auto-deploying gliders at the correct height.
  • Storm Surge was not activating in Phase 8
  • Player health could be improperly rounded when receiving damage.
  • The health for structures could disappear when hitting a wall and swapping to build mode.
  • Lava was dealing damage to players too quickly.


  •  Resolved an issue causing poor performance in the lobby on Mac when in a large party.


  • Fixed an issue with audio device hot-swapping when switching between outputs.
  • One-shot sounds could re-trigger when walking into audio range.
    • This was most noticeable with harvesting,explosion,and gunshot sounds.
  • The victory royale sound no longer gets affected by the slow motion effect when a match is won.
  • The Combat Shotgun had the wrong fire sounds on Mobile/Switch
  • The Baller suction sounds were playing 2d if someone piloted a baller that you would previously dismounted.
  • Sounds for consumables would not play if approaching a player while they were already using them.
  • Footstep audio for the "Take the Elf" emote wasn't playing. 


  • The direction-to-safety vector line were not appearing properly on the map when in game modes where respawn was enabled.


  • Scrubbing a replay could cause the unique font color on Golden points of interest to disappear.


  • Graphical Improvements:
    • Lava texture was not appearing properly in the Floor of Lava Limited time Mode on Android.
    • Resolved the HLOD issues that were occurring at Look Lake on Mobile.
    • Fixed the Quinjet Glider deploy animation on the Google Pixel 2.
    • The Collar of the Instinct Outfits was clipping into the hood.
    • The Fiend Wrap and Turbulent Wraps were not displaying properly on Certain Mobile devices
    • The icon of the Wonder Outfits was displaying as pixels.
  •  The FPS counter was not being properly displayed in-game when enabled.
  • While the map was opened,pressing anywhere outside of it was making that press count as if it was the joystick.
  • The Cycle Weapons HUD Layouts weren't visible after jumping from the Battle Bus 
  • Fixed an issue where the "Require Access to Contacts" prompts was appearing for Mobile players.
  • Sound effects and music were not playing properly on the Moto Z2Force and HTC U11 devices.
  • Reloading a shotgun was being impeded when tap Anywhere was active.
  • Player character models weren't appearing after returning to the lobby from the item shop.
  • The Controller UI was appearing on screens even when a controller wasn't connected.

Story Credit to : Epic  Games

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