What's New in Fortnite Chapter 2?

Get to know everything that's new in Fortnite Chapter 2 here. With the biggest changes of all time in Fortnite history down below:

What's New

  • You guys now can carry a downed teammates
    • Before the chapter 2 started when our teammates downed you can only revive them if there is no enemy around you. But, Now In this Fortnite Chapter 2, you can carry a downed teammate on your shoulder and run away to find a safe place and revive them.
  • Introduce a new Healing Weapon Called Bandage Bazooka
    • Bandage Bazooka is a brand new healing weapon that comes into the Fortnite Chapter 2. With this new weapon, you can use it to shoot at your teammate to gain more health for them or healing yourself by just shooting to your feet.
  • You can fishing to get heal, shield and weapons
    • In this Fortnite Chapter 2 has introduced the new fishing poles that you guys can use it to fishing and get more health, shield, and weapons. To use the fishing pole you guys need to equip the pole use your primary fire to cast it. And when you are waiting long enough press fire again then you will get something from it.
  • You guys can upgrade your weapons at the weapon upgrade spot
    • Weapon can be upgrade at an upgrade bench, which are spread around the map of Fortnite. To upgrade your weapons you will need some equipment such as wood, brick, and metal in order to upgrade your weapon into the next level.
  • The New Water Pouring spot called Slurpy Swamp
    • Slurpy Swamp is the new location that can provide the player to gain up their shield like a slurp juice. So don't forget, if you guys are out of shield you can jump into the Slurpy Swamp.

Arena Mode Reset

With a new Season (and chapter!) comes a full Hype reset in Arena Mode. As before, Arena will continue to mirror the focus of Fortnite Champion Series this season, with Squads Arena available now. Like last season, Solo Arena will also be available. Climb to Champion League to unlock Fortnite Champion Series tournaments.

Fortnite Champion Series Update

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) return next month and will continue the seasonal cadence of Competitive Fortnite. Starting on November 1, there will be a three-round Squads event each weekend for four weeks. Similar to last season, we will be advancing the top teams each week from each region to the Chapter 2 Season 1 Finals.

We will continue to award Series Points based on each team's final placement every week during the FNCS to determine team placement on the Series Leaderboard.

Like before, the top performers on this leaderboard will also advance to the Season Finals.

We are making some small adjustments this season. For Chapter 2 Season 1, we are moving more qualification spots to the individual weekly qualifiers, and will source fewer teams from the series leaderboard.

Our goals here are to 1) give players more opportunities to play with different squads without totally harming their chances of qualification and 2) retain the value of consistent competitive play over the course of the season for the squads who wish to remain together.

Additionally, trades will not be allowed between any qualified teams.

The Season Finals will be held online for each region on December 6-8 to determine who will be crowned the Chapter 2 Season 1 Champions.


The weekend before the start of FNCS, we will hold an FNCS Warmup. This will be a non-cash practice tournament.

Hop in with your squad to try new rotations, sharpen your skills, and prepare for this Season's Competition kick-off!

Audio Improvements

 With the release of Chapter 2, we're excited to share that we've added a setting to improve audio.

Tested b members of the competitive community, by toggling on the "3D Headphones" mode in the Audio Options menu, the mode will improve spatialization of tactically-important sounds.

 What does that mean? You will have a better sense of sounds above, below, and behind you! Please note; we recommend stereo headphones for this mode, and the mode will now work if you have the "Visualize Sound Effects" accessibility option enabled.

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