v6.31 Patch Notes

Fortnite released their v6.31 newest update by including new weapons, new limited-time mode and some Bug Fixes in the patch. 

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Bux Fixes:

v6.31 bug fixes | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Weapons + Items:

  • The Mounted Turret can no longer fire through its own floor.
  • Fixed an issue with players not having an audio cue while gliding after respawning.
  • Fixed an issue with Chiller effects not applying properly to players'feet.


  • Increased the Dynamite explosion height against players from 192 units to 300 units.
    • This was done to prevent players from being able to jump over the explosion area on flat ground without taking damage.


  • Fixed an issue where players would receive points during warmup island which would be later removed.


  • Fixed an issue where the Glider in-air audio cue wouldn't play for players who line in after respawning.


  • Fixed a crash on Nintendo Switch that occasionally occurred when logging in for the first time.

Art + Animation:

  • Fixed an issue where player nameplates disappear after scrubbing a replay.

News & Changes:

v6.31 News & Change | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Weapons + Items:

  • New Epic and Legendary Pump Shotgun
    • 105/110 maximum damage
    • Available from floor loot, chests, Supply Drops, and Vending machines.
  • Shotgun will now always apply at least 3 pellets worth of damage if only 1-2 pallets hit the target.
    • Note: Bonus pellets can never be critical hits.
  • Pump Shotgun maximum damage and fall-off changes.
    • Pump Shotgun maximum damage increased from 80/85 to 95/100
      • Pump shotguns will do higher damage in shorter range buckets but damage falls off quicker. This means you'll do more damage to closer targets but less damage to farther targets.
  • Added Stink Bombs to Supply Drops.
  • Removed Double Barrel Shotguns from floor loot 
  • Mounted Turret
    • Adjusted Mounted Turret collision to make it easier to land shots against anyone occupying it.
    • Removed the ability to repair the Mounted Turret
    • Fixed players being able to clip into turret barrels and get stuck.
    • Supply drops will automatically open if landing on a Mounted Turret
    • Drop rate reduced from 1.719% to 0.915%


  • Reduced the in-air speed when using the Glider Redeploy feature in supported game modes.
  • Added functionality that allows the placement of map markers in the world without needing to go into fullscreen map.
    • You'll be able to look at a position in the world an use the "Place Marker" keybind to place a map marker. This command will only be available by default while in Combat Mode.
    • This command is defaulted to left on the D-pad for controllers and the Middle Mouse button for PC and Mac.
    • For Mobile players, this command will be bound to an optional button in the HUD Layout Tool.
  • Added the ability to pick up and throwback Dynamite with a lit fuse.
    • To throw the Dynamite with a lit fuse, get near it and use the interact key.


  • New Tournament: Alchemist Pop-Up Cup
    • Pop-Up Cups are tournaments testing temporary, Limited Time Modes. Alchemist will continue our testing of several gameplay adjustments and may differ day today.
    • Initial Mode Settings:
      • A material cap of 500 Wood, 500 Stone, 500 Metal
      • Harvesting Rate increased by 40%.
      • +50 Health on Eliminations
      • Storm Surge
        • If a certain amount of players are remaining by the time the Storm finishes closing, a Storm Surge will activate. This periodically deals damage to players who have the least amount of damage dealt during the match.
          • Circle 1: 60 Players Remaining
          • Circle 2: 44 Players Remaining
          • Circle 3: 30 Players Remaining
          • Circle 4: 20 Players Remaining
          • Circle 5: 16 Players Remaining
          • Circle 6: 14 Players Remaining
          • Circle 7: 12 Players Remaining
          • Circle 8: 6 Players Remaining
          • Circle 9: 2 Players Remaining
  • Your highest score or pin during any event session will now be displayed on the tournament poster in the Events tab.
  • Pins will now reflect tournament colors on the Event Details screen.


  • Improvements to level streaming performance on Xbox One and Switch (improving building load times during skydiving)


  • Player in-ar falling audio cue volume has been increased.
  • The Mounted Turret overheat audio loop volume has been reduced.


We're excited to announce that for a limited time we'll be offering Gifting with the release of our v6.31 update. This initial gifting period will last one week after the release of the update.


  • 60 fps is now available on the following devices:
    • iPhone XS
    • iPhone XS Max
    • iPhone XR
  • Map Marker button added to the HUD Layout Tool

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