v6.30 Patch Notes

Fortnite released their v6.30 newest update yesturday including major changes and new mode as well as events and Bug Fixes.

Bug Fixes:

v6.30 Bug Fixes | Fortnite - zilliongamer


  • Port-a-Challenges no longer spawn in the terrian.

Weapons + Items:

  • Ballons now have proper audio and visual effects if several are popped simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue in which playrs could take damages when leaving a Quadcrasher while using Ballooens.
  • Fixed Quadcrashers being moveavle by walking into them.


  • Fixed an issue where holding interact binding while skydiving would not automatically start opening chests upon landing.
  • Fixed an issue where players briefly continued to look like they were skydiving when landing.
  • Fixed issue where PS4 controller lighting could be wrong color.


  • Fixed an issue in Tournaments where players were not being matchmade against opponenets with similar scores. This will greatly increase the difficulty of matches as players earn points.
    • Note that players with high scores during a session may experience longer matchmaking times as we search for suitable opponents.
    • After roughly 4 minutes of searching for opponents with similar scores, players will be palced in the best match available.
  • Fixed an issue where tournament scoring would sometimes require restarting the client to update.
  • Fixed an issue where Victory Royale's would incorrectly appear as regular Placement points in the score summary.
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally be granted a point incorrectly at the start of match, and it would disappear after the match.
  • Fixed an issue where teammates would sometimes fail to queue into a match together.
  • Fixed an issue where matches would start with fewer than 80 players.


  • Fixed an issue where Cube Monster footsteps did not have a visual sound indicator.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause tire bounce sounds to trigger twice.
  • Fixed an issue where looping weapon sounds would occasionally be silent.
  • Fixed an issue where jumping and landing audio for the other players could fail to play reliably.


  • Fixed an issue where the jersey number could get reset when changing the style on a sports Outfit with selectable styles.

Art + Animation

  • Updated unlock text for the pink variant of Scales to correctly state that it unlocks a Battle Pass tier 74 insead of tier 59.
  • Updated the "Herald's Wand" Harvesting tool to indicate that  it is reactive.

Relay System:

  • Fixed an issue where spamming the Play button on the Replay Browser would cause an error.
  • Fixd an issue where the close button would become inactive when loading out of date replays.
  • Quad Launcher explosion no longer reset when scrubbing during replays.


  • Fixed a bug where the crouch button would not be visible in build/edit modes.
  • Fixed a bug causing persistent movement input when dragging over the quick bar.
  • Fixed bug causing sprint to not work on mobile for some players.

News & Changes:

v6.30 Fortnite News & Changes | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Weapons + Items:

  • Mounted Turret added ( Legendary Trap)
    • Found in Floor Loot, Supply Drops, Vending Machines, and Supply Llamas.
    • Unlimited Ammo, but will overheat if fired too often.
    • Can only be places on floors.
    • Damage the Mounted Turret by shooting it directly or by destroying structural support.
    • Once palced, can be used by any player regardless of team affiliation.
  • When a vehical passenger uses a Grappler, the movement has been smoothed out by retaining more vehicle momentum.
  • Pickaxe damage agaisnt players has been increased from 10 to 20.


  • Quadcrashers spawn rate has been increased to 100% from 50%.
  • Gamepad Bindings; Chaning the default gamepad config from Combat Pro to Builder Pro. Updating the default custom bindings to match Builder Pro incread of Combat Pro.
  • Emoting, bandaging, shield potion usage and other movement cancellable actions can now be used while affected by Chillers.
  • Damage number will  now show up in the starting island.
    • Players will take damage, but not go below 1 health.
    • Local damage effects like screen shake will ot play.
    • No quest progress will be gained for damage done in the warmup looby.
  • Better handling of effects when players fire short bursts of fully automatic weapons like the Submachine Gun.
    • Tracers and firing sounds will be more consistent.
  • Added a new "Reset Camera" action on the Nintendo Switch that can be bound that brings the camera to the horizon.
    • Unbound by default.
    • This gives players wit motion controls an easy way to reset their camera location.
  • The time a player is in the Down But Not Out start before being eliminated has been increased from 50 seconds to 60 seconds.

Glider Redeploy:

  • We are disabling GLider Re-Deploy in all default modes starting in v6.30.
    • It will remain in the larger team modes ( Soaring 50s, Disco Domination etc.) and Playground to allow on going experimentation with this feature.
  • Glider Redeploy will now only activate the Glider.
    • Skydiving will no longer be available when using Glider Redeploy.
      • The Skdiving state will still be activated when jumping from the Battle Bus, using Launch Pads, or any type of Rifts.
      • If Skydiving from Launch Pads of Rifts, the forced Glider deploy heigh has been raised from 15.5meters to 35meters.


  • Improved lobby performance and memory usage on Switch.
  • Optimized animation performance. Animation now operates with a fixed time budget, and will dynamically adjust quality and update rate based on load.


  • Glider and footstep audio for out of sight players is now more accurately spatialzed.
  • Added hit notification audio when damaging vehicles from a distance.
  • Added 'wind' audio cue for players traveling through the air, including yourself.


  • Added an indication of already completed secrets to Hunting Party Challenges.


  • The primary quick bar is now visible when spectating a player.


  • Honk button added to extra buttons in the HUD layout Tool for all your vehicular honking needs.
  • Elimination feed ca now be relocated in the HUD Layout Tool.
  • The auto-pickup weapons and auto-open doors options will now be defaulted to off for new players.
  • App icon now fills to the edge on newer Android versions.
  • UI now accounts for the notches in the display of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL.
  • Enable shader cache on the Pixel2XL to address memory issues.


v6.30 new events : Food Fight | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Limited Time Mode : 'Food Fight'

  • Make a mess in new Limited Time Mode and defend your structure with the Mounted Turret! Save the World gets a makeover with a full updated Skill Tree!
  • 1 wall, 2 entrees, the Food Fight has begun! Build your base, wait for the barrier to drop, and battle it out in this new Limited Time Mode. Claim your preferred team on our social channels. #Team Burger #TeamPizza.

New Tournament: 'Scavenger Pop-Up Cup (Solo)'

  • Pop-Up Cups are tournaments testing temporary limited time modes. Scavenger will test several gameplay adjustments - reduced material limit, faster material harvesting, and earning health for eliminations.
    • Material Cap: 500 Wood, 500 Brick, 500 Metal.
    • Harvesting Rate has been increased by 40%.
    • Players gain 50 health when eliminating an opponent.
      • If health is full, players will receive shield.
  • Players will no longer need to restart the game client to begin a tournament.
  • Scheduled times will now correctly reflect Daylight Savings Time.
  • Improved clarity for time until a tournament starts and time remaining in a tournament sessions.

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