Fortnite Turbo Building Delay Update

Turbo Build Change Delay Update

The Turbo build delay adjustment made yesterday to subsequent structure pieces placed have been changes back to their previous value , 0.005 seconds.Your ability to perform "90s" and "waterfall" should feel exactly the same as it did before yesterday's changes. 

Epic games also added some of the "Next Steps" that were mentioned in yesterday's Turbo Build Changes blog.Now when a structure is destroyed, there will be a delay of 0.15 seconds before another structure can be placed in the same location.If two or more players attempt to build a structure in the same location at the same time right after a piece has been destroyed, a random roll will now determine which player's structure is placed.With this,we aim to reduce the impact that ping has on "taking a wall" as well as mitigate situations where spamming walls in the same location prevents all incoming damage to the defender.  

What's Turbo Build Changed?

  1. Turbo building timing for placing subsequent pieces changed back to 0.005 seconds from 0.15 seconds.
  2. After a structure is destroyed,there will be a timer of 0.15 seconds before another piece can be placed in the same location.
  3. If two players are attempting to place a piece at the same time and location where a pieces was just destroyed,a random roll will determine whose piece is placed, instead of ping playing such a large role.

Credit Story to : Epic Games

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