The FNCS Final & Winter Royale Duos Tournament

According to the Epic Games, Fortnite Competitive Team said that the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 - Season 1 Finals kick off on Dec, 6. Catch all the action by watching your favorite player stream the action live on Twitch.

Celebrate the grand conclusion of the second Fortnite Champion Series by watching an approved Twitch channel to unlock an FNCS Chapter 2 - Season 1 Spray and Banner. To ensure you are eligible for these one-time items, simply make sure your Twitch account and Epic account are linked.

Then tune in to the FNCS Finals on an approved Twitch channel on Friday, December 6 or Saturday, December 7 to earn the Banner, or on Sunday, December 8 to earn the Spray.

Winter Royale 2019 Duos Announcement

Winter Royale Duos Competition 2019 | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Winter Royale is back in 2019 and bigger than ever! Three separate Duos tournaments on three different days in December with $5-Million prize pools each day. All server regions will take part in platform-specific Duos competition that will be open to any rank of player. The in-game events and rules will be posted soon for additional details.

Linking Your Epic And Twitch Accounts For Drops

To link your Epic account and Twitch account, head here. You'll see an option to connect your accounts. Clicking that will ask you to log into Twitch, after which you're all set.

Credit to Epic Games.

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