Snow has began to fall on Fortnite Spawn islands

Snow has began to fall on Fortnite Spawn islands. Within 2 days before Fortnite new Season 7 we can already see and feel the snow in Spawn islands which mean the snow is a confirm for Fortnite season 7. What else can be confirm ?

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Since Christmas season almost start, and the new season 7 also about to begin in the next 2 day. But Fortnite spoil us with there amazing game mechanic before even the new update. In Fortnite Spawn islands now you can spot the flurries snow falling down on the islands. How ever it seem like there is just a small snow and hardly to spot but after the new season release we might see something larger than that. 

Check out the video of Snow has began to fall on Spawn islands. 

Thanks to Mythy.

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