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Fortnite Season 7 is less than 12 hours away having been confirmed earlier this week that the game would release Fortnite Season 7 on Thursday,December 6th.However, Epic Games has now confirmed details of when we can expect the game servers to go offline. 

We could imagine that most fans of the game will realize this already, but the server downtime will enable Epic Games to update  the game to it's latest version,which in this case would be Fortnite 7.0.Equally,whilst this server downtime is taking place the game will be out of action for both Battle Royale and Save the World players.

I suggest that we may see the official patch notes for Fortnite Season 7 released at around 8:30-40 am GMT on Thursday morning.However, with this updat being the launch of new season it doesn't necessarily mean that Epic Games will follow the same pattern.This update will give all of you the new features,map changes,skins and perhaps some returning favourite skins too.

How long will Fornite Season 7 Downtime Last?

According from the previous seasons downtime for brand new updates such as this can take more than the usual two hour downtime period we see with the more run of the mill Fortnite updates.There's more to change, more features to implement, battle passes to change.It's a big deal.

So normally we would suspect the update will take up to midday to be fully rolled out.And as with all updates you never know if there will be further problems that could mean the server downtime taking slightly longer  so Epic Games can work through these problems.

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