Party Hub | In Fortnite On Mobile

Party Hub is a new feature that introduces into Fortnite Mobile. This feature will let you guys see which friend is online, start a party with them and you can use a voice chat to communicate with your party before you drop into the game with any platform or downloading the game on your mobile device.

Party Hub Purpose

  • Party Hub creates new possibilities for syncing up with your squad and staying in touch with friends even though your friends are in the match and you are not, but you still can communicate with them.

  • To use this Party Hub, If you already installed Fortnite on your mobile make sure you've updated to the latest version to get started.

  • You can only use the voice chat in Party Hub because of the message function is still work in the progress.

  • You can transfer your party from your phone to PC console by just launch Fortnite on your preferred platform while you still have the app open, then your party and voice chat will automatically transfer into the game.

  • You can invite someone to your party from Party Hub by ringing your friend's Llama Bell in many different places to invite them to your party. You can ring it from the home screen, friend screen, party screen, or the Llama Bell menu.
    • Make sure not to ring it too many times - it has a limit on llama bells.

  • You can also stop other players that try to join your party while you are in party hub by just clicking the lock icon above your avatar and then it will lock your party so that other players can only join by invite.
    • If you want to stop people from voice chatting with you or joining your party, make sure your press the lock icon.

  • You can not turn off the Party Hub, but if you don't want to interact with other players you can set your party to private.

  • You can not access the Pary Hub from your PC console this feature is now available only in mobile.

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