New Heavy AR: AK 47

Updated 11/6 : Balance adjustments to the Heavy AR shotly after released:

  • Increased accuracy by 20%.
  • Decreased recoil by 20%.

Weapons Overview:

Introducing Heavy AR : AK 47.

A brand new weapons that just released on patch v.622

Heavy AR : AK 47 in Fortnite - zilliongamer

The Heavy AR : AK 47 Available in three Variants.


AK 47 can be found in : Floor Loot, Chests, Vending Machine, and Supply Drops. 

Weapons Information:

AK 47 is a very powerful Heavy Assault Rifle require presice aim to land a good shots on the enemies. It is not hard to find since the weapons available as a world spawn loots. It is good to have Heavy AR AK 47 as a back up weapons because of huge damages output that can kill enemies quickly.

AK 47 has a megazine size of 25 and 3.75 Fire rate.

Damages of each Variants:


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